The Village at Sherman Oaks | Shopping, Dining & More

The Village at Sherman Oaks has long been one of the most well known shopping districts or locations within Sherman Oaks, and within the entire Los Angeles area. Taking up several busy street blocks, with roads completely filled up with retail stores, trendy and upscale boutiques, fun and tasty restaurants, and more, the Village is a destination that’s worth the time for locals and visitors alike.

The Village at Sherman Oaks

Retail in Sherman Oaks throughout The Village

The Village at Sherman Oaks has many different kinds of stores and shopping centers. You’ll find the services like wireless phone stores, hair salons and spas, flower shops, financial services and more. While all of that is great, it’s not necessarily what the area is known for. Instead, the Village is really known more for its trendy boutiques, stand out shopping finds, and upscale clothing and accessory stores.

For example, you’ll find an Ed Hardy store that attracts everyone from celebrities to individuals looking to people watch as others shop. Other popular boutiques include Brides by Liza, Groove Riders, Buffalo Exchange, Iguana Vintage Clothing, and more. There are also a number of tattoo parlors, as well as big name retailers such as Best Buy. It’s a busy, hustle and bustle couple of streets, with loads of shops heading off in either direction no matter where you look.

The Village at Sherman Oaks – Food & Drink

There is no shortage of restaurants and bars within the Village at Sherman Oaks. In fact, the wide range of eating destinations and hangout spots is one of the main appeals to the area. You’ll find everything from traditional bars and late night spots, to quick service food eateries, chain restaurants, local establishments, fine dining, and more.

A few examples include the Mad Bull Tavern, Clay Oven, Spumoni, Fab’s Corner Cucina, Oliva Trattoria, Thai Jasmine, El Torito, Fatburger, Hoagies & Wings, Pita Kitchen, Sabungna, Koraku, the Barrel Sports Bar and In-N-Out Burger. As you can see, it’s a wide range of styles, budgets and scenes, and it offers something for everyone, from quick lunches to sit-down family dinners, to date nights and fun weekend trips with groups of friends.

There’s definitely a lot to keep you busy within the Village at Sherman Oaks. Dozens of different restaurants, from casual to trendy and upscale, as well as bars, major retail chains, and of course, the boutiques. You’ll find the latest fashions and best selections, and you can shop where some of the area’s celebrities do, or at least take in the sights as they are going about their own business. The bottom line is that the Village at Sherman Oaks is one of the most well known and popular shopping districts in the area, and with its large and diverse range of stores, will likely continue to enjoy that status.

The Village at Sherman Oaks Additional Information

The Village at Sherman Oaks
Ventura Blvd and Van Nuys Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Phone: (818) 326 0273
Type of Store(s): Boutiques, trendy shops, restaurants
Hours: Different hours for individual stores
Parking: Street parking, public lots

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